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Respironics Millennium M10 Rental

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  • High flow continuous oxygen delivers up 10 LPM
  • Includes the Millennium M10 unit, cannula and manual.

Respironics Millennium M10 Rental Description

As the highest-performing and most reliable home oxygen concentrator on the market, the Respironics Millennium M10 home oxygen concentrator is a superior rental choice for patients needing high flow continuous oxygen delivery.

The Millennium 10 has several unique features. It’s electronic wires and tubing are protected with tubing that significantly reduces the risk of electrical shock. The unit sits on extremely durable casters that can withstand plenty of movement. The Millennium 10 features an SMCT “sure cycle” valve that does not require maintenance. It also is made with a twin head compressor for more powerful airflow. The Millennium 10 is available with an oxygen purity indicator that ultrasonically measures oxygen output. (The Millenium operates at up to 96 percent oxygen purity.) An integrated sieve canister reduces the number of tube connections and enhances the bed life. It’s designed to reduce leak development by eliminating pneumatic connections.

The Millennium 10 oxygen concentrator is incredibly easy to operate. You simply flip the on/off switch and a green LED light appears. A second green light comes on after the machine has warmed up and indicates the unit is delivering the decent percentage of oxygen. An alarm system indicates any problems with oxygen delivery. A yellow light will appear if something is wrong with the machine’s oxygen delivery. A red light appears, along with an audible alarm, if there is a system malfunction.

The Respironics Millennium is a highly reliable machine designed to reduce the costs associated with a ten LPM unit. It has fewer parts than other oxygen concentrators in its performance range, which means you need fewer accessories for efficient output and a Teflon cup seal means the compressor needs maintenance less often. The Millennium features some of the best technology available on the market and is built to last.

Respironics uses a rigorous automated test system that makes sure each concentrator is up to standard and meets the manufacturer’s high-quality expectations before each unit hits the market. If you need to rent a high-performing oxygen concentrator with an output from one to 10 liters per minute, the Respironics Millennium M10 is an excellent choice. And we can provide same-day shipping to get the rental unit to you as quickly as possible.

Millennium 10 Rental Pricing

Weekly Rental: $350
*4 Day Rental: $200
Additional Days: $50

* 4 day rental minimum for local customers. Available for pick up and drop off only.
7 day rental minimum for all shipped rentals.